Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2007 What a Year!!!

Well some of you will be wandering what happened to Mata Biru....allot 
happened. In September 2007 we launched our first"Garbage Catamaran",
great inauguration attended by Manado Government Officials, Resort 
Owners and locals with plenty of whoo and whaa going on as they saw 
what most probably is the first ever Sea Garbage Cleaning Boat in Indonesia.
We all know what the problem is......Garbage....its not just something that
happens in far off "Underdeveloped Countries", it happens everywhere, 
there is not one piece of sea or ocean that is void of this curse....who
created this?.....we did, humans, with their appetite for more, more; we created
the " Beast" now we must try and do somethingto "Balance" things.
Hey many will think "oh my God Bunaken is full of Garbage so we don't
go there on holidays" well don't fret, its no more no less than what you
have on your front doorstep where ever you go, maybe you don't see the
"Industrial Pollutants" in your part of the world cos they are dissolved in 
the water!!
Here in Manado and Bunaken the problem is more "tame" cos we can 
SEE IT, so its easier to solve too.
So the next time that you are diving on Bunaken, spare a thought and
maybe a buck or two, to Mata Biru, watch out for the Catamaran, if you 
have time go over and give the boat crew a pat on the back cos they 
deserve it.