Saturday, December 9, 2006

Mata Biru "Clean Village" Program I

Mata Biru "Clean Village" Program consists of empowering all villages within the Bunaken National Marine Park with their own self governed and, eventually, self funding village waste management system. Mata Biru has for sure not invented the "wheel" with the program that it has started, but lets face it, garbage is not a popular subject, if we spoke of Corals, Reefs, Turtles I am sure that more NGO's would be more than willing to lend a hand, but "Garbage" is something we all complain about and do relatively little to alliviate.
So what's are the details of the Program?
Recruit and pay for one village caretaker, whos role it is to collect garbage daily from around the village and bring to a central point where Mata Biru has donated an incinerator, here his job is to seperate any recyclable garbage that can be sold in Manado and burn the rest. The program will also donate "refuse collection points" throughout the villages where villagers can put their waste and thus reducing collection times, it is also the responsability of the village caretaker to keep the village communal areas tidy and thus Mata Biru has donated a petrol grass cutter to help with this job.
Village responsabilities: Each Village head to administer the program in conjunction with Mata Biru, village to donate area for incinerator.
Program time frame? 24 months from completion of incinerator and employement of village caretaker.
Future: The programm is based on an MUO with each village that after the 24 months the villagers will have to pay a small village tax to ensure the continuation of the program.
Villages operating to date : 2 villages - Tanjung Parigi on Bunaken and Negri on Manado Tua
Total Villages in the Park : 30
Total funding needed for each Village for 24 month : US$5,000 (inclusive of construction)

So there we have it in a "nut shell", on a personal note, I must admit to be very pleased with the reaction of the villagers so far, it seems that all they really needed was a bit of leadership and organisational skills to get this off the ground, but the reality is that funding has been only enough for 2 villages and there are still 28 out there with the same problem and looking for a solution. So here goes with some proposal writing looking for funds, but as said before "garbage" isnt "sexy" and thus funding is difficult to come by, but any one reading this Blog that is intrested in receiving further information and maybe wishing to "adopt" a village for this program you can leave me comment.

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